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Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

The Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadows (that is certainly a mouthful!) came out at the beginning of the year and there’s been quite a buzz in the beauty blog world about them. Maybelline claims 24hr wear time and intense color care of Ink technology, and a cream formula that glides on and doesn’t crease or fade. Sounds awesome right?

Unfortunately, these shadows were not made available in the Philippines. So I spent the months reading and watching reviews and while toying with the idea of ordering a pot or two. Last month, I finally caved, and asked Les to get me a pot of tough as taupe and audacious asphalt from her local drugstore and ship them to me. (and they still ended up cheaper than what local resellers were selling them for!)

For USD 6.99, you get 14 oz. of product in a flat glass jar with an opaque screw top lid. There’s quite a lot of product to use, so it’s nice that the packaging is sturdier. They could have made the jar’s bottom thinner. The entire pan of product is in the threaded part of the jar, and is completely covered by the cap when it’s closed. This means the butt of the jar is solid glass, which just adds to the weight of the packaging.

The color selection is limited to 9 shades, some of which I thought were too bright for daily use and most of which were metallic or sparkly. I ended up picked 2 of the 3 neutrals available because I wanted colors I could use for work.

Tough as Taupe is a lovely satin gray mauve brown. It’s a nice cool neutral which is light enough to be your all-over lid color and just dark enough to be the crease and outer corner when paired with a light neutral. It is not dark enough to be a liner.

Audacious Asphalt is a metallic gunmetal gray that shines blue at some angles. I really dislike the chunks of silver glitter in this. This color is a bit darker than the taupe but I still don’t think it is dark enough to be used as liner. (It is no match for my CG liquiline blast eyeliner in silver spark.)

The formula is nice. It goes on smoothly, even when you’re just patting it on and blending with your fingers. It’s pigmented enough to provide a nice wash of color in one layer. It takes about 2 layers to get completely opaque color.

Worn alone, the shadows stay on for a respectable 8 to 9 hours before they start fading. The formula seems to differ between the shades. I noticed that Audacious Asphalt faded a lot faster than Tough as Taupe. This might be because the taupe is a satin shade while asphalt is a metallic. While 8 to 9 hours is no where near their 24 hour claim, it is much better than MOST cream shadows. Furthermore, they did not migrate at the end of the day, despite my oily lids, the heat, and the humidity.

All in all, there’s more good than bad. If you can get these at the regular retail price (or at half off on sites like, these long-wearing shadows would make a wonderful addition to any girl’s makeup set.


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