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Nature Republic Snail Therapy BB Cream

Ok, so snails on your face? Would you?

Nature  Republic Snail Therapy BB Cream

Maybe not, right? At least that’s what I thought when I received samples of skin care containing “snail mucus”.  Somewhere along the way, I suppose, something got lost in the translation and the product was headlined as such – that is, as having a snail’s mucus.

So, you can’t blame me for getting turned off, right?

Fast forward to a few months after and I overhear my friends’ discussion, one was a magazine beauty editor and the other a beauty blogger. They were talking about beauty products that had certain snail ingredients. They actually gushed about the products and so I got intrigued.

My friend said that the snail components were regenerative and was first discovered when Korean workers who harvested snails for various commercial gains noticed that their wounds healed faster.

The other day, someone gave my mother a gift and guess what it was? It’s a Snail Therapy BB Cream from Nature Republic. She wasn’t interested in it (probably because she too didn’t want to put snails on her face) and so I took it. And, here I am doing a product review on it!

I’ve only tried the BB cream for 2 days and I find that the coverage is pretty good. My skin looks smooth. Pores are generally concealed. The finish isn’t flaky or too oily.

But are my skin cells regenerating yet? Who knows? I probably won’t know until maybe a month or so and even then, how would I really know?

The short-term effect is good enough to convince me though. Call me easy.

As for the the promise of future regenerative effects, well, let’s just say I’d want to believe it.


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