Outfit of the Day

Every girl needs to have a buffet dress. It’s the kind of dress that lets you eat whatever you want at a buffet while at the same time hiding the food-baby that inevitably results from eating copious amounts of food. Since I was going to Antonio’s, my absolute favorite restaurant, I knew I was going to eat a LOT. Hence the need to wear my buffet dress.

Me at Antonio’s. See, no obvious food-baby despite having consumed several courses of food 😀 This is my first time to pose for an outfit shot and I couldn’t stop snickering. Hence the rather awkward shot.


  • Navy blue dress from SM Surplus
  • Cream linen jacket with navy stripes and buttons from Anne Taylor Loft
  • Tan wedge sandals from Aerosoles
  • Tan cross-over bag from Kate Spade

Examples of a good buffet dress:

1. Cut at the smallest part of your waist, so there is still definition, but made from soft fabric so there’s room to expand. It should also have a pretty loose/flowy skirt. Food generally tends to sit quite low in the belly so the the skirt should be able to conceal your tummy, but the nipped waist won’t give you the pregnant look. This is the design of my own dress and I love it so much, it’s already faded and worn from numerous washings. I have way too many pictures of myself at buffets and restaurants wearing this dress.

2. Straight cut tunics hide a multitude of sins, not just the gluttonous stomach. Fun and flirty colors and patterns will keep your look young and trendy. You can pair tunics with leggings – the elastic waistbands give you room to breathe. Bare legs and wedged heels are a good look also.

Personally, I avoid baby-doll dresses or anything cut right underneath the bust. They make me look like an expectant mother no matter what I do. The only exception is if the blouse or dress still has a stream-lined silhouette and hugs the body at the sides but gives room in front. Those are usually made from unforgiving fabrics though, and tend to show off EVERYTHING. That’s certainly something I’d rather avoid when eating at a buffet.

These are just some of my favorite styles for eating out. There are a lot of choices out there. Just pick whatever is comfortable for you. If you’re already going to spend a lot on a buffet or a fancy dinner out, you might as well make the most out of it. So pick an outfit that will let you relax and enjoy your food, without sacrificing your looks of course 😀

What are your tips for buffet-wear?


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