Online Retail Therapy

Whenever I go out, I make sure that I look presentable. I don’t care if I just have to go to the market, drinks with friends or perhaps to a meet and greet event. I like to dress up but what I love most is looking awesome but not having to pay an arm and a leg to achieve that.

I’m no fashion guru, diva, and a snob nor do I pretend to be one. I like designer clothes just as much as cheap, trendy buys.

Here are my top 3 online retail stores where I get clothes:

1. Lulu’s – This is the first website that I have found and is a great source of party dresses. The shirts are a little pricey for the quality of the cloth but they do have great designs. So if you are looking specifically for party/club dresses then this is the site. I tell my friends “once you see something you like, better make a choice because if you wait a couple of hours that dress will not be there”

2. Agaci Store – I like this store since they’ve separated their merchandise into different sub-stores. The first store offers preppy but cheaper alternatives, the second has all the shoes, and third and more commonly known as Boutique 5 targets people who are willing to shell out a bit more for their clothes.

3. Asos – This is a UK company and my favorite out of all! I just recently discovered this site thanks to my good friend Clovy. This website is great source of work clothing, party clothes, jeans, shoes and etc. I just love this and did I mention the shipping? It’s phenomenal!

So whoever said you have to spend a lot to look good? Happy shopping!


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