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Spinning the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel

Selecting from a display of over 30 different colored bottles containing LUSH’s liquid liners, eye shadow creams, liquid lipsticks, and mascara can be confusing and daunting task. LUSH has come up with a fairly novel and fun way for customers to figure out what to buy or try on first.

The store display involves a big wheel containing multi colored polka dots. Customers are encouraged to spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel to get a personalized color reading, by selecting the first three colors that “jump out” at them. These colors lead you to corresponding items in the makeup range and supposedly indicate some matching psychological need.

I gave the ONLINE version of the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel a whirl, and got this result below.

I actually swung by LUSH after work to check out these items. As with the rest of LUSH’s products, the new makeup line is vegan, cruelty-free, and unpreserved (thus the expiration dates). Everything in the Emotional Brilliance Line comes in little glass bottles with short applicators, fine brushes for the liners, and doe foot pads for the lip colors, stuck to the screw tops.

The liquid liners turned out to be vibrant and very pigmented. Control (PHP 995) was a beautiful navy blue, while Dynamic (PHP 995) was a shimmery peach. The formula was thin and easy to brush on. I didn’t have much of a problem lining my eyes with the short brush, but I can imagine most people would prefer to use their own full sized brushes instead.I was told by the sales girl that the liners could also be used as eye shadow.

Upon inquiry, I learned that the liners were not water-proof, – only smudge-proof. I’m fairly lazy when it comes to touch ups, so I prefer my makeup, especially my eyeliner, to be a bit more long-wearing. When I got home a few hours later, I noticed that the swatch of Control on my arm didn’t smudge, while Dynamic was already a bit faded.

Bubbly (PHP 995) was a bright coral pink liquid lipstick with an iridescent gold sheen. It looked a little too bold and scary for my tastes. Save for the occasional, bright pink lipstick, I have yet to venture beyond “my lips but better” shades. I tried it anyway. Like the liners, the formula was very pigmented, and went on easily. It was creamy and wasn’t goopy at all. While product info states that it is a mineral oil free formula that is supposed to be moisturizing, I noticed that it dried out my lips a little after a while. The lip color did, however, leave a nice stain of color as the product wore off.


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