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All Night with a Rogue: Lords of Vice

Take note of the pearl necklace!

Alexius “Sin” Sinclair, along with his friends called the Lords of Vice, is a man of vice and debauchery. With his friends, Sin indulges in women and drinking (really, these guys don’t seem to be doing anything productive with their lives). Enter Juliana Ivers, a girl who was intent on not being part of the marriage mart. She’s a musician and who wants to publish her work but is finding it hard to get someone to do so.

However, Juliana earns the ire of Sin’s sister who orders him to seduce the young miss and set her aside as publicly possible. Sin was happy to obliged after seeing who had to seduce, but what he didn’t count on was falling in love with Juliana.

As with many romance novels, especially regency themed ones, the hero is a rogue and womanizer who will eventually fall in love and want to change his wicked ways. (Girls, do not assume that you can change a person or else you will be in for a lot of heartaches)

This book really had a “Cruel Intentions” vibe to it, but it was a fun and easy read. Take note though that this book has profanity and the hero has a special way of delivering pearl necklaces (yeck!). During the early parts of the book, I was thinking that Sin was a real sleazebag, and that Juliana was a bit easy.

However, the story picks up when the two fall in love, and had to overcome some pretty horrific situations.

While this isn’t the best book, it was interesting enough because the author put a bit more work on laying the basis for the next six (6) books. Not only does the author name the other friends, but also injected quite a bit of character already. In fact, as early as the first book, you will see some ground work for the fifth!

And since I love reading books in a series, I’m going to recommend that you guys read this book, as well as the other books. The sixth and seventh book has yet to be published (according to the site it will be in 2013), but I’m really looking forward to the last one since the author is saving the best character for the last.

If you want to read a bad boy romance novel, this is for you!


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