Top 5 Museums for Future Geeky Offspring

In the event you birth geeky offspring in the future, you will undoubtedly be begged to visit museums. We suggest you visit the museums in our list. You won’t find the Louvre here, but perhaps you’ll find something that will appeal to your future geeklet (and maybe to your own inner geek as well!) You can click on the links to learn more about each museum.


We haven’t visited all of these museums. But they are most definitely on our bucket list 😀

1.  Ghibli Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Totoro at the ticket booth. You can’t actually buy tickets there. For directions how to buy tickets, please check their website. Picture taken from

An art museum like no other, the Ghibli Museum features the beautiful animated world brought to life by Studio Ghibli, Japan’s premiere animation studio.

2. Muzeum Lega, Prague

Lego museum in Prague.

This private museum showcases over 2,000 Lego models and encourages young and old alike to explore the iconic toy and its history. Okay, granted, it really looks like a private collection but just imagine… someone actually owns that much Lego! You can also visit Legoland Discovery Centers all over the world. How can you resist a place whose tagline goes “it’s like jumping into the biggest box of Legos ever.”

3. Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

The Smithsonian Institute Building (AKA The Castle)

The biggest museum complex in the world, the Smithsonian is composed of several museums on topics ranging from history to art to science to pop culture. Among the most visited ones are the National Air and Space Museum and  National Museum of Natural History. If you plan to explore the Smithsonian fully, stay in Washington DC for at least a week.

4. Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

Image taken from – do visit the site, it’s got an excellent write up on the museum.

Aptly located in Silicon Valley, this museum shows the history of computers and its impact on our lives. It also has the largest collection of computer artifacts in the world, from ancient devices to technologies of the future.

5. Science Center NEMO, Amsterdam

Beautiful picture of the Nemo Science Center from

The largest science center in the Netherlands is made up of five floors of (mostly) interactive exhibits. It boasts a science laboratory where visitors can actually conduct experiments and even view DNA.


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