Green Monster Shake

Back in January 2012, I decided that losing weight through exercise was not enough. I noticed that even if I exhausted myself with running or did numerous cardio workouts my weight will not go down.

Frustrated, I went online to search for ways to live better by losing all the additional unwanted fat. While googling, I came across Angela’s website, the Green Monster Movement, as she discussed the benefits of the “Green Monster” shake and how it had affected her physically.

After reading her website, I thought this will be the perfect way to start the day. Its low fat, very healthy, very filling and I don’t have to work my butt off so much to cancel out all the calories I’ve consumed during the day. I was so excited that after work I went to Whole foods and bought the ingredients. I’ve written down the recipe that I always use and trust me this is addicting!

Green Monster Shake:

– A cup/ handful of spinach (I use organic)
– 1 Tbsp. grounded flax seed (I love this! It gives my shake a slightly nutty taste)
– 1 Large frozen Banana
– Almond Milk (I usually put 1 cup but you can put more or less depending on what you prefer)
– 2 cubes of Ice

Combine everything and shake it like there’s no tomorrow. 😛 Viola! A healthy and awesome breakfast! It’s fast and easy too:P

* Why Flax seed?
Flax seed is very healthy and good for your body. It has an abundance of B vitamins, essential fatty acids, Potassium, Magnesium, Protein, Zinc and etc. It also helps your entire body system as well as with joints (as a runner, I have to take good care of my joints). Other specific benefits:
– Lower risk of breast and colon cancer as well as high blood pressure, water retention and inflammation
– Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
– Speeds up healing for sprains, bruises and muscle pain
– Increases energy, stamina and metabolism

What are you going to lose? Nada…Happy shaking!:P ROAR!!!


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