Kanzhu & Tea Tap

Just a short post on neighborhood faves. Here is Kanzhu’s A1 Dry Beef Noodle – Braised beef with hand-pulled noodles. There is nothing better than fresh made noodles – be it Japanese, Chinese or Italian. It really has a distinctive “bite” in terms of texture. The name of the dish is quite deceptive, it isn’t really dry, as the noodles are laid on top of the braising liquid, topped with green onions, parsley and fresh garlic. It is served with soup on the side. Quite a good deal for P150.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the radish cake – deep fried but the insides are light and flavorful. I usually don’t like radish cake as it has a heavy mouth-feel, but this one is just yummy.

A1 Dry Beef Noodles

Cute Overload! Hello kitty cat!

Usually, after having my noodles, I drive to nearby TeaTap Cafe. While there is a milk tea place in front of Kanzhu, I like the milk teas in TeaTap more. I find it less sweet, the milk tea tastes more refined. I usually go for the yakult drinks (I think I tried all of them, save 1 or 2). Of course, I also like the interiors and the cute cat theme.

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