Chloe Mini Marcie Bag

I’ve gone from drooling over a Chloe Paraty bag over the internet to pushing my mother to buy a medium Marcie bag, you know, just so I could borrow it from time to time.

I went on a short trip to Hong Kong last July and bought my first Chloe bag. After 3-4 days of pinning over it at the Chloe store at Gateway in Tsim Sha Tsui, I finally bought this mini Marcie bag.

Chloe Mini Marcie bag purchased from the Chloe Store (Gateway in Hong Kong)

For a while there, I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to get. The first few days, they only had a navy blue, a rust-reddish colored one, a yellow one, and this camel one that I got, when I came back on the 4th day, they had more colors! A brief period of girlish confusion ensued.

Somehow I feel that Chloe bags should be light-colored and black or navy just wouldn’t feel right.

I decide to get the camel one. The sales girl said that it’s a Chloe classic color and I just went with it.

A few months after, I’m still quite happy with the purchase. The bag matches well with an array of outfits. It goes from day to night, from sundresses to cocktail nights. Definitely no buyer’s remorse here.


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