Don Day Korean BBQ

Excited to be back in Quezon City, our “hood” during college and law school days, my friends and I resolved to explore the growing food scene here. On a random work day, we decided to meet up and try Don Day. We saw the sign for this a while back.

Don Day offers an all you can eat samgyupsal only, or a full Korean Buffet, complete with sidings and simple dishes. Since the price difference was merely P100, we decided to try the full version.

As you can see in the picture below, the samgyupsal meat looks pretty good and fresh, albeit frozen. They also give us the gochujang, garlic slices and sesame oil with salt and pepper to go with our meat.

Look at that fatty Pork Belly, waiting to be grilled!

We sampled some of the other dishes and it was okay, not bad but nothing really special about it. I like that they had quite a variety for a weekday lunch meal though.

Sampler of the dishes on the buffet table

Of course, being true PETA (people eating tasty animals) followers, we focused on the barbequed pork, and it was pretty good. Here is a picture of our initial batch.

Pork Belly and Garlic on the hot grill

While I can’t say that this is the best Korean BBQ in Manila, for the price vis-à-vis the sheer volume and quality of what you are getting, it is a pretty good place. Unpretentious Korean food, great for casual meet ups.

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