Diego Buñuel

Dear Friends,

Meet my eye candy for the month – Diego Buñuel, grandson of famed Spanish film maker Luis Buñuel and host/director of Nat Geo Adventure’s Don’t Tell My Mother series where he travels to interesting and/or dangerous places like Colombia, Afghanistan, North Korea and Pakistan and tells the human stories behind the headlines.  I came across his show a couple of years ago and I remember that I was particularly fascinated with his episode on North Korea, which gave us a rare glimpse of life on the other side of the 38th parallel.

Not just a pretty face, this French/Spanish/Mexican cutie has degrees in Journalism and Political Science from Northwestern University in Chicago.

There is simply something hot about a man on a motorcycle.  *sigh*

Unfortunately for us (or for him), he’s already married.  Darnit.  Adorable, smart and adventurous men are always taken.


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