Moschino Scarf Watch

It’s a watch. It’s a scarf. And, it can be a scarf wrist watch! Isn’t that quite handy? Leave it to Moschino to give you the quirk and the kitsch.

I was surfing the net last Christmas and came across the Moschino online sale and really, who could resist? I couldn’t.

Moschino Scarf Watch (bought from the official website, $125)

I saw a bag that I liked that was on sale and I needed to buy another item to make the $200 minimum for free shipping and so I got this watch, which I do really like and was really just looking for some justification to get.

A good excuse on hand (or so I say), I bought the items.

I was a satisfied shopping customer until I mistakenly shipped it to a friend’s house.  And, to cut the long story short, the items ended up in a balikbayan box that reached me months later.

But hey, isn’t it still cute?

Love this watch. It comes with an extra leather strap so you can actually wear the watch and scarf separately.


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