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Skindinavia Moisture Lock Makeup Finish

Every year I make it a point to visit the IMATS Expo in New York to look for new makeup / beauty products and that’s how I found Skindinavia Moisture lock Makeup finish! Some of you (like fans of Dancing with the Stars) would probably recognize this.

During my first trip to the show, I met Debbie, salesgirl-now-good-friend, who was telling me about this new company who had come-up with a great new product. After her sales pitch about this being the perfect setting spray and haggling (on my part), she was willing to give it to me at the price of $25 for an 8oz. It was a steal considering the original price is $39 for 8oz, $29 for 4oz and $19 for 2oz.

How to use to achieve best results:
– Apply makeup
– Shake bottle
– Hold bottle 8’’ or 20cm from face and spray 2-4x in a “X” and “T” formation
*Should be used before putting on mascara

Since I suffer from dry skin especially during winter, I decided to buy the Dry skin formula. Don’t worry! Skindinavia also has a wide range of skin care for Normal skin, Dry skin, Oily skin and even Mature skin! Now, I never go out of the house without spritzing Skindinavia Moisture Lock Makeup Finish and I would be forever thankful to Debbie for introducing me to this awesome product.


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