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Naruko Narcissius Line

NARUKO skincare was developed by Nui Er, one of the Taiwanese Beauty Gurus. One of his product lines is the Narcissus Total Defense which claims to repair and moisturize damaged skin, brighten and fight against aging. The range is formulated with snow fungus extract, Hyaluronic acid polysaccharides, Narcissus bulb extract, and the exclusively patented Phytoferulin® complex.

From what I read online, ALL of their products are watery-gel like to help it penetrate the skin better. It is made without parabens, preservatives, artificial ingredients or coloring. The product is cruelty free and is not tested on animals.

Okay, so the first thing that I notice from this range is that there is so many products. From my count, there are at least 11 products, half of which is formulated for use in the morning while the other half is for the evening. What really turns me off is that there are product repetitions, like lotion has for morning or for night. Seriously, it sounds so gimmicky. The way they market their products is that you have to purchase all of it, no substitutions. So using my brain cells, I decided to just purchase what I deem to be the essentials: Narcissus Total Defense Night Brightening Serum, Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly, Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum and Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew (Day). Each cost about P500-900.

In fairness, when used all together, it really does leave your face supple and soft. While I didn’t see any brightening or anti-aging effect, it did not irritate my skin despite the strong fragrance. However, when used on its own, each product will not really measure up to similar products in the same price range. If I were to choose 1 product from the 4 that I purchased as the best, it would be the Night Gelly because it simply feels divine on my face. Also, you can use this with your other products, at it seals it in for the night. That means, your face creams will work better since it will penetrate better.

This line would probably work better if I bought all the items in the range, but I really can’t see myself devoting that much time applying several layers each morning before rushing to work. While I might not buy from this range again, I also want to try their facial masks as that will work independently of any of Naruko’s range.


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