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Bleaching Eyebrows Tutorial

People often stop me to ask 2 questions:

1. If I’m a mestiza due to my hair and eyebrows being so light but I reply “No, I colour my hair and bleach my eyebrows”
2. How do I bleach my eyebrows?

In my opinion, I think people sporting a lighter shade of hair should do this. Light hair + dark eyebrows = Tacky (but that’s just me)!

Now to answer question 2, I use the Jolene Crème Bleach for Facial Hair but I did read that Sally Hansen also carry a similar product and works relatively the same. I mean bleach is bleach but make sure that you use FACIAL BLEACH!!! You don’t want to end up with no eyebrows due to harmful and strong chemicals.

So here’s how I do it and I’ve also included photos to help you visualize the entire process. ENJOY!

1. Make sure your eyebrows are free of chemicals such as creams and makeup. Do not bleach your eyebrows if you’ve just plucked or threaded your eyebrows. Trust me, IT WILL HURT LIKE A B*TCH!

2. Now there is no specific measurement. But what I use is a 1:2 ratio (1 scoop of activator to 2 scoops of cream). Mix together then VOILA!

3. I then use a spooley brush and load it with bleaching cream

4. Instead of brushing downward (same way as hair growth), I tend to brush the opposite direction (against hair growth) that way you evenly coat the hairs

5. Now put your timer at 8-9 minutes. Don’t do it longer! If you do, well sweetie… you won’t end up with blonde eyebrows instead you’ll get reddish or orange eyebrows (if you have dark eyebrows)

6. Once the timer goes off, get a damp cloth or tissue and start wiping away the excess. Make sure to wash your eyebrows to make sure all the bleaching cream is gone

– Trim your eyebrows
– If you prefer a lighter shade, you can bleach your eyebrows no earlier than 24 hours

Enjoy your nice eyebrows:P


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