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Halloween Decor

It really doesn’t take a lot of money to make decorations for any occasion. All you need is a bit of imagination, and some planning skills. For this project, it took around 5 hours for 2 people (plus help here and there from others).

Halloween is probably the best holiday we have at the office, as we get close to 150 children to come on a yearly basis, to enjoy trick or treating and a lot of other party games. Last year, we transformed our office filing room into a horror booth, complete with candle lights and music. Okay, we made a lot of kids cry, so this year we decided to focus on something kid friendly…like a pumpkin patch!

So what did we do? We covered the glass portion of our front doors with black cartolina, used some type of recycled paper to make the fence and the signs (don’t forget to get the largest pentel pen because this works really well). For the pumpkins, we bought cartolina-sized orange paper, but these were not as thick as the normal cartolinas. We chose two shades of orange, and stuck some side by side to make really big ones. We also made small jack-o-lanterns with bond paper sized orange sheets and to create dimension, we stuck them to popcorn boxes, trash cans, or propped them up with cardboard.

To create more texture, we cut up craft paper and spread it all around. The flags were made with crepe paper and the faces of the mini pumpkins were made with pilot pen (just leave the pen on one spot for a few seconds so the face will appear on all the cutouts).

The greatest thing though was our scarecrow. Our recruit wore a long-sleeved polo shirt, cut up some craft paper for the hay and made a big paper bag for his head! His outfit was so good that we had children crying (sorry kids, we really wanted to avoid crying this year)

Don’t forget to put on scary music. This year we used “This is Halloween” from the movie “Nightmare before Christmas.”

Look at the picture below for a close up on all the faces of our jack-o-lanterns:


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