Empanada Day

I love empanada day! It all started when my co-worker/ good friend, Clarissa, brought her famous empanadas to work.

As you can see in the pictures, these succulent, flaky, chewy, yummy goodness is so mouth-watering that I can die from dehydration.

See the deep fried empanada goodness? I think most of the Spanish-influenced countries have their own form of empanada!

According to Clarissa, all she does is buy the crust from any Spanish grocery and prepare the meat. She seasons a pound of ground beef or chicken and put a table spoon of sofritos (which is a secret ingredient in many Latin Carribean dishes). She then cooks the meat and once it is done she fill the empanada dough and seals it . She then deep fry the little suckers until they are golden brown.

This is an awesome way to use left-over meat! You can also make different kinds of empanada filling and freeze it so if you are too busy /lazy to cook everyday (like I am) just pop it in the oven/microwave then gobble it up!

How much does it cost me? Nadah!! LOL VIVA EMPANADAS!!!:P


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