Ching Chong, Jimmy Wong

About a year ago, Alexandra Wallace from UCLA posted a racist rant against noisy Asians in the library. People took offense and retaliated with a lot of hate. But Jimmy Wong was different. Instead of posting some vitriol-spewing response, he turned Alexandra’s words into a funny love song called Ching Chong (It Means I Love You). You can watch the video here.

Ching Chong became viral and a YouTube Star was born! 🙂

I’ve been following Jimmy since that time and yes, I am unabashedly a fangirl. Here are my reasons why you should be a fan, too.

1. He is really cute, in a boyish geeky kind of way 😀 See:

Photo taken from Jimmy Wong’s Facebook Page

You can also see him flash that smile in various videos. Most recently, he’s been playing the part of Ted in Video Game High School, which you can watch here. See, he can act too!

2. He loves Totoro! How can you not love a guy who loves Totoro?!

Photo taken from Jimmy Wong’s Facebook Page

3. He can sing! Check out his covers and original songs on his YouTube channel here. He has a second channel for all sorts of other stuff like how he makes his videos and guitar lessons. You can view his other channel, Jimmy2, here.

4. He cooks! Jimmy and his friends have a funny webshow called Feast of Fiction, wherein they make actual food based on food you see on video games, fictional stories, and cartoons. You can watch Feast of Fiction here.

5. He is a genuinely nice guy 🙂

Before you can say “How would she know?”, I am going to tell you my Jimmy Wong story:

One of my closest friends wrote to Jimmy last March and told him that I, one of his biggest fans, was getting married. And she asked if he could pretty please say hello in a video to be shown at my bridal shower or wedding. Jimmy went beyond saying hello… he wrote a Wedding Song for me and my husband, which my friend surprised me with at the wedding. How awesome is that?! And it wasn’t some generic wedding song, either… it was a song that told our story. How many people would do that for their fans?! You can watch the original song here and the story of the Wedding Song here.

So there you go. Five reasons to Ching Chong Jimmy 😀 I can think of more, but I don’t want to sound like a rabid fan. Please subscribe to his YouTube channels (and those of his brother, Freddie Wong). I guarantee hours of entertainment 😀

We share the same birthday, March 28 😀 Don’t worry, I am not enough of a crazy fangirl to say that sharing the same birthday equates to a cosmic connection. But it is pretty cool. And I am going to stop now before I embarrass myself and infuriate the husband.


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