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Oily face? You Need Face Powder!

The choices I face each morning…

So here is a picture of my current face powder stash (except for a compact which I keep in my bag), which I use depending on what I feel like that day. What can I say, I like variety.

My all time favorite though is the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder, which I purchased in 2 shades – the lighter one is what I apply all over the face, while the darker shade I use to contour. It is a baked mineral compact that leaves a natural matte finish, but is light coverage so it is perfect for setting your foundation. To apply, I use either use my kabuki brush or stippling brush to give a light even application. On days that I use this alone, I prefer using a Beauty Blender brush that is slightly damp, as it gives me better coverage. A compact will last me a few months, making this pretty affordable.

From left to right: Pallido Rice Powder, Inglot Translucent Setting Powder, Bobbi Brown Mineral Powder, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (2 shades)

When I’m looking for a purely translucent powder, I reach for the Inglot Translucent Setting Powder or the Pallido Rice Powder since these don’t provide coverage but keeps the skin matte enough, without being cakey. The Inglot one comes in a small circular jar with a cute powder puff, while the Rice Powder comes in a square jar with a flat puff. Both are quite affordable and will last you a long time. However, I have to say that the Rice Powder will work better for people who have lighter skintones, as in gives you a bit of a white veil.

The powder which I use the least is the Bobbi Brown Mineral Powder. As you can see below, it is quite yellow-orange and not quite the right color for Asian skintones. This powder actually gives the most coverage among all the powders I have now, and I can imagine people wearing this on its own. However, I’ve never really been into the mineral foundation trend, as I like using liquid foundations more.

Ultimately, the choice of face powder will depend on the following factors: skin condition, coverage and how long you need it to stay on your face. You can always try different powders until you find the one that works best for you.


4 thoughts on “Oily face? You Need Face Powder!

  1. Hi Lorr, I have a question for you. As you know, my skin is oily too. I’ve used only Mac Studio Fix (walang kamatayang NC 40) for my face. I use a kabuki brush and apply it dry during daytime and when I need it to adhere more it apply concealer (Mac) and primer (Mac too) first and before I top it off with NC 40 which I apply with a damp sponge. I do this for make-up at night.

    I need a change! My face gets really oily with NC 40. I manage to control it with oily paper (putting on more makes me espasol-faced) but I have a feeling there’s a lighter face powder out there with a matte to translucent finish. I want to achieve the “dewy” look. How? Help!


    • Hi Marie,

      I find that MAC Studio Fix provides heavy coverage, especially the compact form. Personally, I only bought this once, since I like using medium coverage foundations.

      First, to address your oily skin, prep it with a water based moisturizer, something like the Celeteque moisturizer, wait for it to dry. Some people will recommend putting a primer on, but I find that this clogs your pores more so I reserve it for formal events or dinners etc. For every day, I would recommend that you get a Skindinavia spray (they have for oily skin), which you will spray prior to foundation and after powdering. Get the big bottle as it comes out so much cheaper on a per ounce basis.

      Second, I would recommend that you switch to liquid foundation, as I feel that it gives your skin a more natural finish. For everyday, I use half a pump of MAC studio fix liquid and half a pump of MAC mineralized liquid foundation. I haven’t tried some of the other finishes and I understand that they have new ones. Just remember that NC 40 might not be the same shade for the different formulations.

      I also have quite a collection of foundations like Chanel (liquid) which also comes in different types, like the matte ones. However, my all time favorite will still be RMK Creamy Foundation (although now replaced it with the gel formulation) since it provides good coverage but still makes your skin look pretty realistic and glowy.

      Don’t forget to put on a translucent powder to set your makeup in. Sometimes, if I put on more makeup and it comes out more matte, I spray on a bit of MAC Fix+. I suggest you go around the counters to try it on your skin. I also want to try the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, which they say stays on for more than 8 hours, except you have to work faster because once it dries on your face, it will not budge.

  2. Thanks Lorr! I’ll explore using liquid foundation soon. Doesn’t it crack though once it’s set? Also, how do you apply it?

    Last question — where are Skindinavia and RMK available? I’m pretty ok w/my daytime moisturizer as it’s pretty light that’s why I really think it’s the NC 40 that aggravates my oiliness.

    • no, it doesn’t crack! 😀 put a thin layer and build it up to the coverage you want. Use either a stippling brush, foundation brush, or a damp sponge (although this is a bit more wasteful). You can also use your kabuki brush though, if it is the flat type.

      Skindinivia – buy in the US. RMK – HK, or Singapore.

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