He Texted

So you met this guy, you went out, you think you had a good time, then you get a text and you’re not quite sure what to make of it. Have no fear, the bros over at HeTexted.com can help.

For those participating in the (dating) game, what a guy says or does and what you think he said or did, can be very different things. Unfortunately, not everyone has male friends/relatives to call or text when they need something done or said decoded. HeTexted.com is a pretty innovative site that makes the counsel of objective and fairly intelligent members of the male species available to all with a browser and decent internet connection. The site also allows members to voice their opinions on the messages received via the “he’s into you” / “he’s not into you” poll at the bottom of each entry.

The site is neat and easy to navigate, and there is a DEFINITE market for this service. While participation via posting texts, voting, and privately availing of advice from the bros requires registration / account creation (Free, as far as I can tell.), entertaining yourself by scrolling through other people’s text dilemmas does not.

HeTexted.com is almost as entertaining as “Ask the Office Guy” (which is done by DailyCandy’s sole male editor Dan). I had a ball scrolling through entries and text messages. The homework text (above) made me laugh, although I would probably think it was inappropriate and creepy if I received it from someone I was not interested in at all. My favorite find while scrolling is this:

It’s nice to know that confusion is universal.


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