Maison Laduree

Before leaving Manila, I read that Laduree opened in NYC. Of course I had to go there. During my first visit, it was all about the cupcakes (years before cupcake craze reached Manila). This trip was about the macarons, and no macaron trip would be complete without Laduree.

As my sister was at work, I had to go there myself. You wouldn’t believe the line, even if it was really cold that day. The lady manning the door told me it has been crazy for the past weeks, it being the Holidays.

Since I was already there, line up I did. Funny that the dad behind me was telling his daughter that it was crazy, all for some cookies. Hihihihi. His daughter ended up buying 3 pieces only (so not worth the effort really).

Anyway, here is a picture of the front of the store and the people lining up. I decided to just buy my macaron stash and go to my sister’s office to rest up before dinner.

See how long that line was? Take note of the heavy winter outfits too. That is what I call sacrifice!

I got the 15 piece box. On a per piece basis, each macaron is priced at $2.70 (P116 @ 43), getting a bit cheaper if you buy more. These are the most expensive macarons purchased but some flavors made it worth the price paid. My peg would always be the pistachio macaron (which I loved), but I find that Laduree does well with flavors that are somewhat tart or salty.

Macarons right before they went into my tummy!

While you should always eat the macarons as soon as possible, I kept these in the ref for a few days as instructed by their sales staff. My mother saw the pictures I took of the macarons and she also went during her trip last month. She got the 5 piece box and ate everything in the taxi. I’m hoping that on my next trip there, Pierre Hermes would have opened shop! Then I can do a side by side comparison, you know for scientific research.

PS. I heard that Laduree is now looking for a place in Soho and it will be a full service tea cafe – so exciting!

PPS. I also realized that I’ve been a macaron fanatic since 2005! I even tried my hand at making it, which you can see here!
864 Madison Ave
(between 71st St & 70th St)
New York, NY 10021

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