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Plus + White Ultra 5 Minute Whitening System

Do you remember the scene in Neverending Story where Atreyu walked through the Swamp of Sadness, all covered in mud?

Well, I do.

I was watching with my dad who pointed out how white Atreyu’s teeth was. He told me the reason why he has really white teeth is because he brushed his teeth all the time.

Ha! Lies.

Brushing your teeth religiously isn’t really enough, especially with all the soda, juice, tea and coffee we regularly consume. Teeth suffer from food or drinks that stain your pearly whites.

I’ve tried Crest Whitening Strips and a lot of people (including me) suffered from tooth sensitivity as a result, with each box cost around USD$20-50. Some people opt to get their teeth professionally bleached with systems like BriteSmile, but my dentist told me that these methods basically decalcify your teeth. The whiter your teeth get, the more calcium is removed, thus leaving it more brittle. Plus, it is pretty pricey.

While shopping around, I saw the Plus + White Ultra 5 Minute Whitening System which comes with a pre-rinse mouthwash, the main whitening gel and a tray for USD$8-9. Since it was pretty cheap, I got a box and read through the instructions.

The pre-rinse mouthwash has to be diluted into water, and I found it to be quite pleasant. It left my mouth and tooth surface clean and fresh. I sometimes use this on its own and a bottle will go a long way since you only need a few drops each time.

As for the whitening gel, you just squeeze a bit on the tray (it depends if you want to put it on the top and bottom) and put that in your mouth. However, I find that putting the gel on the edge of the tray (or where it will cover the front of your teeth) works so much better. Alternatively, you can use a cotton bud to spread the gel all over the areas you wish to bleach before wearing the tray. You don’t have to put a lot, just enough to cover the surface area.

The instructions says that you should leave it on for 5 minutes, or 15 minutes for heavy stains, regularly for a period before switching to maintenance mode.

Personally though, I feel that I just need a bleaching session when I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee or tea, so I don’t use it regularly. What I would do is put it on for 15 minutes at a time, for 2-3 days then stop when I’m happy with how white my teeth is. Don’t be tempted to pile on the gel as this does not improve the effectivity, nor leaving it too long as your saliva will dilute and deactivate the bleaching properties of the gel.I’ve yet to experience tooth sensitivity with this system, but I can’t really vouch for that unless I use it for a prolonged period.

Safe to say, I would purchase this again as I find it quite effective. Of course it will never result in teeth as white as what you get with your dentist, but this is enough for maintenance, especially if you don’t have a lot of stains. And at the price it is being sold, I think it is quite a steal.


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