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Travel Shopping: Comfy Platforms in Singapore

Before my trip to Singapore I was actually on a few-months acquisition quest of comfortable platform shoes.

I was looking for footwear that can carry you from day to night without reducing you to the height of a dwarf. I’m not very tall and so I would prefer to have at least about 2 inches of heels with me all day.

I, however, don’t want to wear platform flip flops all days. Those certainly wouldn’t do if you have a business meeting in the morning and certainly won’t do if you are having up an after office dinner with friends, unless you are meeting them at some fast food joint.

For the trip, I packed a pair of Colehaan ballet shoes, thinking that it would last me a couple days of walking around in the city. I’ve only commuted using an array of slippers, sneakers and boots in the past and I did not foresee that by day 2, the ballet shoes would be a pain, literally.

So, what to do then? Where do you go for the epitome of affordable but decent looking shoes in Singapore?

Answer: Charles and Keith. It doesn’t hurt that it’s everywhere in the city so the store isn’t easy to ignore. Plus, the shoes are priced cheaper in Singapore than here.

Charles and Keith Platform Sandals

I got these platform sandals in 2 colors / designs, in black and white snakeskin print and in gold, for 45SGD each at one of the many branches of Charles and Keith in Orchard road.

I figured these would work with most office colors as well as all night out colors. I won’t get too tired walking around in them all day and they don’t look as informal as flip flips! Win, win!

My Singaporean friend also told me that Charles and Keith was recently bought by LVMH. I wonder if this is a good thing? Maybe it is. I’m just waiting to see what happens.

In the meantime, I’m giving these two a lot of wear.


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