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My nightly routine includes double cleansing to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, a toner/lotion and then my medicine/moisturizer, which depends on how my skin is faring. While I’m pretty diligent in making sure that no makeup is left on my face, I sometimes shake up the sequence of my routine: toner – double cleansing – medicine/moisturizer OR double cleansing – toner – medicine/moisturizer.

Of the toners I’ve used throughout the years, these are my favorites:

SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion claims to contain Pitera, which is the bedrock of the SKII Range, that results in soft, radiant skin. It also claims to contain a blend of AHAs and BHA which help in removing impurities and dead skin cells that leave your skin dull. The facial lotion is clear and watery, with a mild scent. Using a cotton pad, you are supposed to go through your entire face and neck. And because the formulation is so mild, I was initially skeptical on how effective it would be. It isn’t the type of toner that picks up a lot of dirt and makeup, which is normal because it already assumes that you have cleansed your face thoroughly.

However, I find that with consistent use, it really does make your face more radiant and well moisturized, especially if you use it in conjunction with other products. Personally, I wouldn’t say that this will clear up acne, or even out skin tone. I think it only prepares your skin so that your other beauty products will work better. Unfortunately, this toner is quite pricey and hard to purchase locally, and I find that if you stop using it for a few days, the glowy effect fades away too.

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion claims that it can refresh and deep clean your skin with its 4% alcohol and soothing Cucumber Extract astringent, thus disinfecting the skin’s surface to prevent future acne problems. Now I know a lot of people have an issue with any skin toner that includes alcohol as it dries out skin, but for girls like me who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin, I think this product would be just right. The alcohol content is pretty mild, and for me it feels like a heavy duty toner that picks up all the dirt.

In fact, I often use this before double cleansing my face, especially on the days when I put on more makeup or when I run out of cleansing oil. This toner delivers what it claims to be, and so if you want your toner to be more moisturizing or if you have dry skin, this is definitely not something you would buy. A 16 oz. bottle can be bought online for $25. Even if you use 2 pads to remove makeup nightly, a 16 oz. bottle will go a long way, making this a really affordable buy. I’ve only used this product in the Philippines, where my skin tends to oil up quickly, so I can’t say how it will be if you use it in colder climates where skin tends to be more dry.


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