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Dean & DeLuca, Singapore

I wasn’t a big fan of Felicity (the CW show) but I watched it and I believed that the show was representative of the time. So, in honor of Felicity who worked there, I decided to visit the Dean and Deluca in Orchard Central during my downtime in Singapore.

Exterior of Dean & DeLuca, Orchard Central

On the first day that I went looking for Dean & DeLuca, I was armed with only a vague idea that it was on Orchard road and thinking that it was on the first floor and so I missed it.  Dean & DeLuca is actually located on the 4th floor of Orchard Central.

If you are going there via the MRT, you need to get off at the Orchard Somerset stop and look for Orchard Central, it’s the building beside 313 Somerset.

breads, muffins, and other snack food

Looking at pictures online you’d expect the place to be a lot bigger.  The place looks pretty standard with an area for its deli products and other Dean and DeLuca paraphernalia, like bags, aprons, mugs and other similar items, and a counter area where you order your breads, muffins, cupcakes, all day breakfast meals or your choice of coffee.

Eggs Iberico + Latte

I ordered the Eggs Iberico ($25 SGD), since I have been having a major eggs benedict phase as of late, and a latte (about $5 SGD, I think).

The Eggs Iberico dish feature 2 poached eggs on a muffin/biscuit that’s topped w/ mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and well, jamon iberico. According to one blog that I’ve read, this particular ham is rare and expensive as it is from a Black Iberian Pig that has been fed a diet of acorns, which in turn has made all its fat rather healthy and monounsaturated.  Jamon Iberico (de Bellota) is said to be the best ham in the world. I wish I had known this as I was eating it though, I would have imagined more satisfaction.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my eggs dish. I really did. But wouldn’t I have been more psychologically smug about chewing on the best ham in the world, if I knew it then?

The experience was pretty good overall except that everything was a bit pricey and for the fact that you have to reserve a table first before you can order because the guy at the counter will ask you for your table number and you’re not allowed to order otherwise.

But what if you were alone? You can’t really hold a table and order at the same time, right? What if the place is overcrowded, as it always is during the weekends? Then, you’d be a sad panicked lonely diner, wouldn’t you?

Left: Interior, eating area / Right: wall climbing area

Another thing that I find odd, and it really is quite bizarre, was the wall installation for the wall climbing activity that they had there. You can watch wall climbers while you leisurely drink your coffee. I cannot, however, see any relation between coffee, food, eating brunch or to anything Dean and DeLuca offers that can be remotely related to wall climbing inside a mall. It’s really weird. I don’t know what the point of the concept is.

I didn’t look into much of the food products being sold (the jams, sauces etc.) as they were all terrifyingly overpriced though they all looked very very good. Also, I can’t very well put those glass jars, if i bought them, in my luggage and I ended up getting this sad little bag of coffee beans for my aunt. It was priced at about $9 SGD, which isn’t really cheap since it was a really small package.


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