Enrique Iglesias

The reason why I’m posting a particular video from Enrique Iglesias is to show you why I love him. So watch the video first before I go on discussing my devotion to this perfect specimen of manliness!

Now that you’ve seen him in the video of Taking Back My Love featuring Ciara, I can begin my explanation. You see,while I was a fan of Enrique during the days of Rhythm Divine (yes, even with the huge distracting mole), it wasn’t until I saw an “angry” Enrique with a deep V neck shirt that I became totally devoted to him.

I really don’t know, but something about this video speaks to me. Or my hormones.

Hmmm, but I think if this were in real life and Enrique does the whole ripping the girl’s clothes and ruining the house , I’d really get mad because he’s wasting money and making a mess! Of course since he’s Enrique, I’ll forgive him and then we’ll ride off into the sunset…LOL!

Look at that intense gaze, he’s like undressing you!

*picture from Enrique Iglesias’ Official Page


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