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Christmas Pet Scarves and How to Make One for Any Occasion

It all started with our oversize dogs.

My dog Carrie isn’t that huge but for some reason most stores in the country doesn’t cater to her size. My friend PJ (of Palamuti Story Telling Jewels) has bigger dogs and it follows that she can’t find anything in the market that caters to her dogs as well. And, what’s her solution to this dog fashion problem?

While I just buy clothes for Carrie from time to time when I go abroad, PJ makes scarves for her pets!  How crafty! What you expect from someone who makes jewelry for a living, right?

The other day, PJ was kind enough to send over 2 Christmas scarves for my babies, Pepper and Carrie (featured in the photo below).


Pepper and Carrie puts on their Christmas scarves

How cute and brilliant is this scarf idea?

These scarves can go from casual to chic and can be tailored for any occasion.

Pets can wear them for a walk around the park or for a visit to a friend’s home. Depending on the cloth design, you can use them for a range of occasions like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year… or really just about any event possible.

If your pet isn’t used to wearing clothes, scarves are a great alternative. It’s comfortable enough since you don’t have to worry about your dog feeling warm. It also covers the area where a collar would be so your pet would be used to it already.

Here’s how to make this very simple pet scarf:

1.    Measure you pet’s neck area. Approximate the length of the fabric that you need to make a scarf that would fit your pet. Note that you need a square piece of cloth for this project.

2.    Fold the cloth diagonally in half, cut along the fold (optional).


Start with a square cloth and fold it in half.
Featured here is the Christmas scarf made by PJ.

3. Then hem about ¼ to ½ inch or so along the three sides of the triangle.

The good thing about making your own scarves is that you can personalize and customize it according to your pet’s size and to your personal preferences. Do you fancy your dog to be a fashionista, a free spirit, a prep school type or a punk rocker? You decide.

Here’s more shots of my dogs in their new Christmas scarves:


Carrie, w/ the scarf on the back


Pepper, w/ the scarf ends tied in front


Carrie, w/ the scarf on her head


Pepper w/ a pink flower pin and pink shirt, w/ the scarf facing the front side

Here are PJ’s pets and their scarves handmade by PJ:


PJ’s pets w/ their scarves fashioned to the side, photos from PJ Valenciano

If you don’t want to make your own, you may contact PJ Valenciano for special requests (tel: 0917 8607193/ 02- 9641997 and email:


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