All We Want for Christmas (Part 1)

It’s that time of the year again, when shops go on sale and bonuses disappear as if by magic. While we firmly believe that giving is better than receiving, we get an altogether different kind of thrill when receiving a well-thought of gift. It shows that the giver exerted effort to get us a gift we would like – and THAT, for us, is more important than the actual gift. Why else do you think it takes us forever to shop for Christmas presents? Believe it or not, we do spend time thinking of what a person would like to receive (an how to cram it into our respective budgets!)

It always helps when the giftee has a WISHLIST — it ensures that no matter what gift we choose, as long as it’s on the list, it will be appreciated. So, in case, dear friends, family, stalkers, and fans, here’s what we would like to receive for Christmas:

1. A watch
I’ve been wearing the same watch for more than a decade, and while I love it to bits, it’s all scratched up now. And also, I gained weight, so the straps are tight and I can’t find the extra links. I am not very picky when it comes to watches, but I would like a simple, classic piece. Someday, I am going to get myself a classic timepiece worthy of passing on to my (future) daughter, but for now I would be perfectly happy with a Swatch or Fossil. If I could afford one now, I would get this LEGO Chronograph multi-link watch… or a Sea Master Aqua Terra Quartz from Omega. Yes, I know, I have diverse taste.

2. A clip-on lamp
I like to read in bed but the light directly above me is too bright. Also, I can’t put a lamp on my bedside table because it opens up to reveal a dresser (with a mirror) so I can’t put anything on top. A clip-on lamp I could attach to the bed would be perfect for my late night reading 🙂 I like stuff with clean lines so I like these lamps a lot:

1. Go Pro Hero HD
All the things I used to use my small camera for I can use my cameraphone to shoot, except for videos on the move. no other camera this size and at this price point can do what it does so well.

2. Swiss Photobooks from 1927 to the Present: A Different History of Photography (English, French and German Edition) [Hardcover]
I want this for christmas because I don’t have $80 to spend on a book.

3. Monocle one year subscription
I want to get Monocle every month.

1. SousVide Supreme Sous Vide Water Oven
This is a home version of those Sous Vide machines which restaurants use to get consistent and evenly cooked meals. Essentially, Sous Vide machines maintain water temperature at a certain level for a period of time to slow cook your food into perfection. Since you vacuum-pack your food, all the moisture and nutrients are locked in. Best of all, you just turn on the machine, and walk away.

2. FoodSaver SmartSeal Vacuum-Sealer Kit
The downside to having a Sous Vide machine is that you need to invest in a companion machine – so that you can cook your food properly in the water oven. However, if you like buying in big quantities or it takes you a long time to finish food, this will also come in handy.


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