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Babka – Chocolate Bread

I’ve been reading up on bread making, since I feel that this is one of my weak points when it comes to baking. While I know the basics of kneading, I always wonder if I’ve kneaded it enough, not enough, proofed sufficiently, etc. Recently, I saw some people knead bread using the paddle attachment of their Kitchen Aid instead of the dough hook.

Homemade Chocolate-y Bread! Yum!

Surprisingly, this works really well for me. I put in all my wet and dry ingredients, turn on the mixer at the lowest speed and slowly work my way up. A few minutes later, I have perfectly kneaded dough, which I then leave out to rest and rise.

On this particular baking session, I decided to make Babka, a brioche-y type of bread with chocolate. Half a recipe yielded 3 small but very rich loaves. I would definitely reduce the amount of chocolate chunks and maybe replace it with good cocoa powder instead.

Overall, I was happy with the results to the point that I used the recipe again, this time using red bean filling instead.

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