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GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics

Want Celebrity Skin? Experience it with airbrush makeup. According to GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, achieving professional results is easier than you think.

After consulting with Valerie Tan, beauty blogger (, airbrush specialist and owner of GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, here’s what we know about airbrush makeup:    

Using makeup products that pros swear by will boost the level of your game when it comes to achieving a flawless look. Airbrush makeup was once developed solely for the TV and film industry to hide skin flaws under dramatic lighting and HDTV (high definition television), so it’s notches ahead in coverage over traditional makeup.  Plus, here’s an added a bonus: it feels really light!

Why it works? Airbrush makeup is sprayed as fine mist over the skin, so it produces a light and even coverage as its silicone components fill in and conceal pores and fine lines, creating an overall natural flawless complexion.

The wonders of airbrush makeup seem endless:  It looks great. It feels light. It doesn’t cake. It’s long lasting. It stays on for up to 1 day. It doesn’t smudge. It’s water resistant and sweat-proof, so no retouch is needed.  You don’t even need a special solution to take it off, simply use a regular makeup remover. What’s more, it’s no longer just for makeup professionals. As airbrushing becomes increasingly popular, you soon realize that airbrushing is easier to use and much more affordable than you think.


Starter Kit: w/ 1 foundation, 1 cheek color and 1 thinner/cleaner (P8,500)


Deluxe Kit: w/ 4 foundations, 2 cheek color, 1 highlighter, 3 thinner / cleaner (P11,800)

Glambox airbrush cosmetics

Pro Kit: w/ all foundation colors, 2 cheek colors, 2 highlighters, 3 adjusters and 3 thinner/cleaner (P16,500)

Personally, I’ve tried GlamBox’s airbrush makeup when I went to a wedding recently so I am now fully equip to do a review on the product. My friend applied it for me though.

The Beauty Review: The makeup is really lightweight. Think about what you think is light for you and divided it by 2, that’s probably how light it would really feel in real life.

It feels light but the coverage isn’t lightweight at all. The product and the process evens out your skin tone, covers your blemishes and makes your face look pretty much naturally clean looking. Flawless, if we are to use the term.

True to the product’s claim that it lasts all day, the coverage lasted for hours until nighttime and the finish wasn’t too affected by the warm weather, oil or minor sweating.

The Swatch Test: I just placed the colors at the back of my hand (I did not spray it). The pictures is of the yellow adjuster (left, recommended for people with a more yellow skin tone) and the foundation color (right). I just wanted to see how each colors blend with each other and how they will blend on the skin so I performed the test below.


Left – Yellow Adjuster, Right – Foundation Color


Blending the two colors


The after effect: well blended to the skin

The colors, as can be observed from the photos, blended well together and the back of my hand. The finish still felt light, the coverage is still pretty good considering I didn’t use the machine to apply it.

I left the makeup at the back of my hand for a couple of hours and went about my normal tasks for the day. The makeup pretty much stayed on without issue, which confirms that the product is a long lasting one.

The Verdict: GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics’ makeup delivers what it promises. My only concern is, would I have a hard time doing it on myself? I was told that it’s actually pretty easy, the self-application that is. (I will do some research on this and will post a tutorial very soon.)

As for the product’s price, it’s actually relatively affordable versus other options that can be found in the market. Refill colors range from P750-980 and the thinner/cleaner bottles cost only P250. I know of a couple of makeup pros who use GlamBox for their makeup gigs so I believe that you get enough bang for your buck with this product, especially if you do makeup for a living.

For now I am left quite satisfied so in my opinion GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics is a good buy and a definite yes if you are a makeup professional.

For more information on GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, visit,, For inquiries, email or call at #0922-8200172.

GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics is available at Suesh stores (Wilson St., Greenhills and Alabang Town Center), selected LayBare salons, Dollface Cosmetics (Cebu City), GlamBox Beauty Studio (Salcedo, Makati) and online at

You can also contact GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics directly, call #0922-8200172. Free shipping applies for Metro Manila addresses and a minimal delivery charge will be included for other locations.



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