All We Want for Christmas (Part 2)


Santa can you hear me?
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing


Well that’s not entirely true. While we have been *good*, we have quite a list of things on our wish list. Here’s the second part of our not-so long list of things we would love to find under our Christmas Tree this year. (Here’s the first part of our Christmas Wish list if you missed it.)

Christmas 2012 sbandthecity

1. Ferragamo Dove Grey Varina Flats
I was at a party when I saw my friend wearing her drooliciously nice Dove grey Ferragamo Varina flats. It’s like Ferragamo read my mind by combining my favorite colour and one of my favorite shoe style. I’m still looking for it and I’m crossing my fingers (and toes!) that someone nice will give it to me for Christmas:P *Ahem*

2. Goyard Tote
Similar to Longchamp, Goyard is one of the best carry-on bags I’ve seen in the market! I’m no light packer so I just love the idea of being able to stuff a lot of things inside the bag.

3. Hermes Scarf
When I hear people talk about scarves I always think Hermes! *droooooolll* The silky texture, the vibrant colours and prints, then the price tag:( LOL I’ve been good this year! Maybe I should reward myself with a little nice silk scarf!

Christmas 2012 Weekends

Believe it or not, there is no make-up on my list this year.

1. Fountain Pen Inks
I have a couple of fountain pens, the newest of which is a TWSBI Diamond Pocket. I’d love to use something other than my standard blue-black in my letters and daily note-taking / doodling. Noodler’s makes some pretty punchy and price friendly fountain pen inks, and I wouldn’t mind a bottle or two of Nikita (red), and GI Green (dark green), Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry (bright pink), and Firefly (fluorescent yellow)

2. Flexible Nib Fountain Pen
Noodler’s also makes a really inexpensive semi flexible nib fountain pen. It would be nice to be able to practice a bit of copperplate script without my whole desk and dip pen set up.

3. Ceramic Curling Iron
I have the straightest and flattest hair. I’m just lucky it’s not baby fine, otherwise it’d plastered to my head 90% of the time. A curling iron would be great for pumping in a little more texture and volume, and changing up my look once in a while to save me from boredom, and the temptation to get a haircut. I like the colors of the Remington CI5238 Instant Curls Ceramic Hair Curling Iron 😀

4. Kate Spade “The Way the Wind Blows” Hinged Bangle
I have very little arm, so I party in moderation. I put on 4 pieces, including a watch, at most. I’m a huge fan of the Kate Spade idiom bangles, but most of them are too big for my wrists/arm. The hinged bangles are the perfect size though. So if the Beastie Boys “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” bangle is too big, I’m pretty sure Queen’s “The Way the Wind Blows” will be perfect.

5. Mod Podge Starter Pack
Mod Podge is a sealant, often used in craft projects (e.g. dscoupage). This set contains little bottled of 5 Mod Podge formulas: Original Gloss, Original Matte, Sparkle, Outdoor, and Paper Matte, making it a great for crafters who aren’t quite sure what they’re going to use this ever popular sealant/binder on yet.

Christmas 2012 Mysticempress

1. Clarisonic Mia

I first learned about the Clarisonic Mia from my friend a few years ago who raved about the wonderful effects on her skin and since then I’ve been wanting to buy one. Unfortunately, it’s not available locally and at Sephora Singapore, which is the closest place where I can get it, it’s ridiculously expensive! S$249 as opposed to $119 if you buy it in the US. If you have friends or relatives coming home for the holidays from the US, I suggest you ask them to get it for you as a gift.

2. Casio Baby-G

I’ve always wanted a white watch for casual weekends or for when I feel like being sporty. I’ve actually been looking at white watches for years now but I never really got around to buying one for myself. It’s been bumped off my wishlist several times. For some reason, shoes and dresses take precedence over a new watch. Hmmm…I wonder why? But this year, after my massive Black Friday online shopping spree, I’ve had my fill of shoes now so the watch is back on my list. I’m eyeing a Casio Baby-G which used to be extremely popular back when I was in school. It’s so cute no?! Kawaii!

3. Kindle Paperwhite

What I love about the new kindle paperwhite is its built-in lights. Since I got my kindle touch, I’ve been grouching about the need for an external light source. Being the night owl that I am, I love reading books in bed until the wee hours of the morning. This is something I cannot do without turning on the lights in my room or leaving the bedside lamp on. But wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a kindle that is self-illuminating so you can read anywhere anytime?!

My kindle touch is less than a year old so I feel guilty about buying the new kindle paperwhite. But I really really want one. I guess I’ll just wait for someone to give it to me as a gift (*hint hint* to my siblings, relatives and my generous friends J )


4 thoughts on “All We Want for Christmas (Part 2)

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  2. Mysticempress, Hubby just gave me a white and pink Baby-G. It’s cute, there are little animals that prance around when you hit the light button (puppy, kitten, dolphin, blowfish). It’s not so expensive pa (he left the tag on by mistake, oooops) so in case you don’t get it for Christmas, you can get it for yourself. Matching tayo! Hehehehe

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