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How to Do Basic Airbrush Makeup

Don’t know how airbrush makeup works? Much less, do it on yourself?

Actually, basic airbrush makeup is very easy. Don’t be too intimidated by its fancy reputation.

All you really need is a light touch, an interest in beauty and an open mind.

I’ve consulted Valerie Tan of the GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics and GlamBox Beauty Studio on how to go about the basic application of airbrush makeup or airbrush foundation to be more specific.

What you need?

1.    An Airbrush Kit – featured in this tutorial is GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics’ Starter Kit.


GlamBox Starter Kit (P8,500)

2.  Airbrush Makeup Colors – Do not use just any liquid foundation because this will clog the airbrush gun!

Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics

GlamBox Airbrush Makeup (from P750-P980)

3. Silicone based primer or moisturizer – optional but recommended.

4. A mirror – preferably one that stands upright so you can check your own makeup after application.

How to apply airbrush makeup foundation on yourself?

Step 1: Choose the right airbrush foundation color. Hold the foundation bottles close to your face to narrow down the shades closet to your skin tone, then apply a small stroke of each color on your cheek (the one that disappears is the right shade). Keep in mind that for some a combination of 2 shades works best.

Step 2: Shake the bottles properly. This seems like common sense but much like your nail polish, your airbrush makeup needs a proper shake so its contents mix well before you use it. So don’t forget this.

Step 3: Opt to use a silicone based primer or moisturizer. Some prefer to use a primer or moisturizer as base to enhance the smoothing effect of airbrush foundation.

Step 4: Drop about 8-10 drops of color into the airbrush gun cup (for the face). How much makeup you put in your airbrush gun is actually not an exact science. It depends on the level of coverage and layering you would like to achieve. Most makeup artist prefers to fill the cup at about half the cup. For starters, try using approximately 8-10 drops of color then refill accordingly.

Step 5: Use the proper airbrush mode. Use “high” for the body, “medium” for the face, and “low” for small areas like the eye shadow area. Since this tutorial is focusing on the face, switch the mode into “medium” (on GlamBox’s compact kits).

Step 6: Pull the gun lever only up to half its capacity. The more you pull, the more airbrush color is released. Pulling too hard will create color splatters and blotches, resulting in uneven coloring. It is best to pull the lever at half its capacity, adjust slightly according to your preference, to create soft layers of coverage.


photo from GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics

Step 7: Keep the gun approximately 6 inches away from the face. Holding the gun too close to the face will also create color blotches since the makeup will be concentrated in a smaller area.

Step 8: Spray in a circular motion. This method will also allow the color to spread and even out. The key is even color distribution. If you are unsure, start with light layers and repeat spray motion until coverage looks even.


Beauty Blogger (missvalerietan.tumblr. com) and GlamBox owner Valerie Tan demonstrates how to do airbrush on yourself.
Photo from GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics.

Step 9: This is probably obvious but it must be said. Close your eyes when spraying near the eye area. Likewise, hold your breath when spraying near the nose area (unless you want to inhale all that makeup foundation – yikes!).

Do not worry about not being able to see your face or what you are doing in the mirror because you will be able to feel the air sprayed from the gun while your eyes is closed. Note that you will only be closing your eyes for a few seconds so just let the air be your guide as to the direction your makeup for the time being.

Step 10: Check yourself in the mirror. Once you’ve achieved an even foundation application, you can proceed to use traditional makeup to further enhance your look.

The aim of this tutorial is to allow non-makeup pros to get a flawless complexion and to keep the look long wearing with the use of airbrush makeup foundation as base.

An important reminder: Do not forget to always clean your airbrush gun properly after use to prevent clogs.

If you need a more visual tutorial, watch these basic tutorial videos by GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics:

Basic Airbrush Application

Some Airbrush Makeup Tips

If you want to learn more about airbrush makeup and officially become an airbrush makeup artist, you can sign up for workshops at the GlamBox Beauty Studio (Salcedo, Makati), contact them at 0915-8342023.

For more information on GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, visit,, or email You can also contact GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics directly for orders at # 0922-8200172.

GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics is also available at Suesh stores (Wilson St. Greenhills / Alabang Town Center), selected LayBare salons, Dollface Cosmetics (Cebu City), GlamBox Beauty Studio (Salcedo, Makati) and online at and .


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