All I Want For Christmas (Part 3)


For the final installment, Pepper the Wallflower adds her items to the Minor Project Wishlist. (Here are the first and second parts, if you missed them.)

1. Cute (and slightly irrational) Phone Cases


Left to Right: Kate Spade ‘talk is cheap’ case (P1,757, converted price from, Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Shorty the Boxer’ case (P2,108, converted price from, Moschino pink bear case ($70,

Why? Because no matter how many phone cases you already have, you always find yourself wanting more (or at least, I find myself having senseless cravings for yet another cellphone case every time).

Simply because they’re just so darn cute. Cellphones with ears or a whole teddy bear slapped on your phone, how can you not love it?

As for the statements printed at the back of your cellphone, let’s just say that it’s like those statement shirts – you think it’s somewhat tacky but you take notice of it anyway. Sometimes, these statements can also be, well, cute.

Just recently, I told a friend on mine that “talk is cheap”. If a guy wants you back but all he ever does is talk? It’s just cheap. If you agree, I say why not celebrate it by labeling your phone with the statement? Quite cheeky and still cute.

2. Silly Sweaters


Left to Right: Cat burglar sweater (£38), Polar bear sweater (£50), Sheepish sweater (£48), all from Topshop

Whenever the end of the year start to roll in I always find myself having this urge to shop for winter wear but of course I don’t. Unless I’m going on vacation somewhere cold. Still, my wish list includes some silly sweaters (and, I hope, the winter weather) just because, again, they’re just so darn cute.

How can you not love those winter (or non-winter) animals that they feature? Bet you’d feel a little more like Christmas when you wear them.

3. Studded Clutch Bags


Left to Right: Valentino Rockstud Nude Clutch (£972,, Topshop Clutch (£38,

I have been drooling over Valentino’s Rockstud shoes for a long time now. Lately, there has been another onset of studs in the fashion world and this new focus has revived my desire for studded accessories.

Right now, I’m wishing for a  studded clutch bag. Obviously, I prefer a Valentino clutch (the over sized one would be great) but perhaps getting a Topshop studded clutch would be a more practical way to catch up with the trend this Christmas.

And, that’s my wish list so far. Give me a little more time and I’m sure I’ll come up with more that I’d want for Christmas. After all, I am a true girly girl shopaholic at heart and doesn’t the holiday season give everyone just about the perfect excuse to spend a little bit more?

I know, I believe this rationalization.

Happy Christmas to all!


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