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Nautical Themed Chair Tutorial

When I started renovating my room in 2011, I knew that I had to put more seating options, especially since my friends come in groups to hang out.

After religiously following sites like Design*Sponge, The Lettered Cottage and Apartment Therapy, I also wanted to have my own Before & After project.

I went around the house and found 3 wooden chairs that my mom bought in the 80s to go with our old dining table. Originally they were light brown in color and had a faux leather seat cover, but when we moved to our current house in the 90s, she had them repainted black with light beige seats. As with all furniture, it was pretty dirty and ugly after being used extensively throughout the years, but the chairs were very stable and the cushion was still firm, so I knew this would be the perfect project material.

Now, I have to confess that since my renovation people already had a paint compressor on hand, I gave it to them with all my instructions. However, I must stress that this project can be done on your own by following these simple instructions:

1. Remove the seat by unscrewing the nails from the back of the seat. You can cut away all the old upholstery.

2. Find your cloth of choice (I advice you to get something that is tightly woven and thick, to make your seat covers last longer). Here I found blue nautical stripes from a store in Divisoria. I paid around P60 per yard, and I only used a portion of it.

3. Cut a portion that will cover the seat and the sides, leaving an inch extra on all sides. Carefully staple/nail/glue the cloth on the back portion of the seat cover, which is usually made of wood, and do this to all sides, carefully folding the edges so that it will come out neat and clean. Set aside.

4. Next, look at your chair base, and if you find a lot of nicks in the wood, I would suggest that you sand it and fill it with wood putty, then sand it again until it is smooth. If your wood is in good condition, just lightly sand the entire surface so the new paint will adhere.

5. If you have a paint compressor, you can use it for this project. Alternatively, you can buy spray paint or use a fine roller or brush. Get your paint of choice, one specifically made for wood, and start painting the entire surface in light, even strokes. You’ll need to go over the chair 2-3 times, drying the paint in between coats.

6. Leave the chair to dry at least 24 hours. After the drying period, you can put the seat back by screwing it tightly.


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