Foot Secret: Will Party in Heels

It is no secret. A lot of the gorgeous shoes these days are terribly painful.

Yes, we know. No pain, no gain.

Beauty is pain. But does it really have to be? Other than sucking it in, are there really no other alternative approaches to gaining?

I say, why not be smart about it and find practical solutions to your everyday dilemmas?

So, I am also applying this to my beauty and fashion choices. This holiday season, I want to wear heels. More than that, I want to party in heels sans the pain.

What’s the practical solution to this? It’s Foot Secret.

Foot Secret is a fashionable footwear solution brand for women who have a penchant for shoes, painful or otherwise. The brand offers variety of styles, colors, designs, and shapes that suit a different shoe types providing long lasting protection and cushion to problem areas.


Left to Right: Shoe Stoppy and Heart Toe Pad


Foot Secret Products

Foot Bed – This is placed at the bottom of the shoe, which will cushion most of the foot and will provide extra comfort with every step. (P469)

Heel Wing – This is a multifunction shoe cushion that eases friction between your heels and shoe, which helps in preventing blisters. (P249)

Toe Pad – This is placed in the toe area of the shoe and will provide extra comfort when wearing high heels. This will also keeps the foot in a more secure position and also prevents callus formation. (P249)

Strappy – This is placed on the shoe straps and will add relief to sensitive ankles or heels. This will also help in securing straps so it doesn’t fall off the foot and will also aid in preventing blister formation.  (P249)

Shoe Stoppy – This placed at the sole of the shoe and will provide additional stability. It will prevent sliding when walking on slippery or wet surfaces. (P349)

This holiday season partying in heels (or any other difficult footwear for that matter) will no longer big such a challenge.

Try Foot Secret and let’s party!

Foot Secret products are available at The Ramp branches and


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