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Travel Shopping: Flip Flops in Rio de Jainero

I vacationed in Rio and what do I bring home with me?

A lot of slippers, of course. Like we don’t have them here, right?

But there is something about going to Rio and be bombarded by Havainnas and Ipanemas from all sides of your peripheral vision, it makes the most passive consumer subliminally programed to actually get at least one pair.

If anything, you can use it for the duration of your trip and if you’re anything like me, someone with a very low emotional quotient, you will end up endangering your weight limit because of all that rubber weight!

Rio Shopping: Flips Flops and Brazilian Monopoly Deal

I actually got more flip flops than these 3 featured in the photo but I’ve already used them (so they’re now sort of dirty) or have already given them away as gifts.  I actually got one that was Brazilian themed just to be in the spirit of being tourist.

The price range of these slippers, if I remember correctly ran from about 5-30 USD or about 20-60 Reals. It depends on the design, where you get it, and if you actually get it on sale. Of course tourist shops will charge you higher for the same flip flop that you can get at a supermarket and the customized ones, those that the locals embroider, paint and decorate, would also cost you a premium.

You can get flip flops everywhere in Rio, at any tourist spot, at supermarkets, and even at corner street magazine stands. Much better than paying for them cheap at supermarkets was the face that I was actually able to stay at a hotel that gave them away for free! How can you really blame me for hoarding them? I am just human (and an irrational tourist) after all.

Another thing that’s featured on the photo above is the Brazilian edition of Monopoly Deal. I thought it was such a brilliant idea when I got it at a Lojas Americanas supermarket at the back of my hotel but I soon realize that everything on the cards is in Portuguese!

For a while, I told myself that since we were a Spanish colony that there would be some vaguely familiar words, even if Portuguese is not Spanish, but obviously it takes some effort to play the game decently.

Still, it’s pretty cool to own properties like “Ipanema”, right?!


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