Geared & Klotski

Getting back into the groove at work is often tough after the holidays. Just in case you aren’t in the mood to buckle down and slave away at your job, here are a few games, sure to give your brain a bit of a jumpstart.

Geared is a fun game where you drag and drop a bunch of predetermined gears onto the existing gears. You advance to the next level when all gears spin. sometimes you are given small gears, sometimes really large gears. The challenge is how you arrange the gears to make them all spin.

It’s very engaging and fun. I love this game.

Available both on iOS and Android.

Klotski is a fun sliding block puzzle game. According to wikipedia the name “Klotski,” which now refers to a whole group of similar sliding-block puzzles where the aim is to move a specific block to some predefined location, is a taken from  klocki, the Polish word for wooden blocks.

I like to play this game because it’s not too stressful, and yet it’s challenging enough to keep your attention. There are different variations available for both Android and iOS.


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