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Havanna Café, Buenos Aires

If you ever go to Argentina for business or leisure, it’s good to visit a branch of the country’s local coffee shop chain Havanna.

Between souvenir shopping and constantly looking over my shoulders for pickpockets, I stopped by for coffee at the Havanna café in Florida Street, which was just a short walk from my hotel.

Interior of Havanna, Florida Street

The look of the place is pretty straightforward. An accent wall was painted yellow (not seen here) and the place was filled with functional wooden chairs.

Latte w/ cookie and water on a tray

I ordered a latte. It comes in a neat plastic dark green tray. It comes with a small cookie. It’s, actually, I think, like a thin alfajor, which looks and taste most closely to our local Fibisco chocolate crunchies. The tray also comes with a small glass of water, which I really appreciate since we already have to stand up and get our own water, from a pitcher by the condiments table, in most coffee shops here.

Box of Lemon Cookies and Alfajores (white and milk chocolate)

Havanna is a leading manufacturer of alfajores, a regional snack of South America that is said to have the same origins as the puto maya and alpahos (Ilocano) of the Philippines. The Argentinian company also manufactures other food products such as cookies, dulce de leche, and coffee. These products are also sold in their coffee shops, which has about 130 branches in Buenos Aires alone and the chain has expanded internationally to other South American countries as well as the US, Spain and Israel.

Overall, I really liked the place. The coffee was pretty good. The ambiance of the place is casual. It’s a good place to rest after shopping for souvenir key chains and other knickknacks. The alfajores tasted great, I’m partial to the dark chocolate kind, and the lemon cookies, or galletitas, were good too.


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