Message With A Bottle

Parenting, one wise ass note at a time.

Message With A Bottle (FB page) is mutli-hyphenate (author, stay-at-home, freelancer-for-hire and user-of-many-hyphens dad) Chris Illuminati‘s site on parenthood. Upon becoming a parent, he integrated all of his parenting reminders and musings into the post-it system he used for organizing his writing. I can only imagine how many pads of post-it this guy goes through. (They ought to sponsor him or something.)

He chronicles the adjustments brought about by parenting and gives practical child care advice. (No attachment parenting and child coddling here.)

He makes fun of his son, while he still can. 😛
MWB 01

There is some ranting (and creative use of toys.)
MWB 04

But most of the laugh-out-loud funny notes are his general observations.
MWB 02

I kind of love that he refers to his wife as his “permanent roommate.” (Probably because of the adjective “permanent” – It’s a lovely idea, I’m a closet romantic. So sue me.)
MWB 03

I don’t have children (I’ve been pretty good at being everyone’s “favorite sister/cousin/aunt”) but when I do have children, I can only hope to be as humorous / productive as this.


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