Roger Federer

Seriously, how can you not like him?

Australian Open Tennis

Roger Federer at the Australian Open, goofing around with Sponge Bob Square Pants

He’s so adorkable.

And, I will just put it out there: Those who continue to declare that they do not like him are just, well, haters and naysayers.

I always hear people say that they don’t like Roger (sometimes, this coincides with their strong feelings for other players). But being a fan of Roger, it baffles me why people, tennis fans for that matter, can be that passionate in hating him and so I ask them: Why?

More often than not I get a concoction of answers that eventually just point to this: They don’t like him because he always wins and they say that tennis just becomes boring when he always wins. (And, yes, I’ve met people who actually like him better now that he loses.)

Hmm? The last time I checked tennis tournaments are supposed to celebrate superior game skills and, also, perhaps, sportsmanship as well. In line with this train of thought, I’d say that Roger Federer has been such a great ambassador for the sport, if not the best. He certainly has the skills and the right attitude.

After all, he is not heralded as the GOAT (greatest of all time) by his peers and fans for nothing. His performance statistics and achievements says it all. He’s broken so many records and continues to set them when he is way past his so called old age (again, naysayers kept saying that he won’t win another Grand Slam but, naturally, he proved them wrong). Now at 31, he has 17 Grand Slams trophies, a total of 302 weeks at number 1, the most Grand Slam Finals played record – 24, the most consecutive Grand Slam semifinals record -23, the most consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals played record  – 32… And, the stat list can just go on and on.)

All his wins and trophies, awards, interviews, endorsements, and everything in his tennis career speak for all of what he stands for. Add to all this, he has his own charity foundation that help aspiring athletes and kids from his country and Africa, and he is also a Unicef ambassador.

He also speaks 3 languages fluently and gets interviewed in all 3 (German, French, and English).

But, actually, as cheesy as this sounds, the most important thing to note: Roger is an overall nice guy. Peers, fans and people he has worked with always attest to this.

Why should one be a fan of Roger Federer the player? Well, because watching him play is like watching a genius at work (as many of his fans aptly calls it). He’s just so graceful on court and his every movement just seems so effortless, even if he is really probably working it.

Why should one be a fan of Roger Federer the person? Well, he’s smart, nice, funny, a good family man… These, among the many things that can be said about him. Plus, as an added bonus, don’t you think Roger’s got quite the sense of style? I’m sure his pal Anna Wintour will agree. Not surprising that he endorses so many fine lifestyle brands.

Roger Federer…

He has such debonair photos like this:


picture from Roger’s facebook page

And, ads like this:

He has such cute and funny interviews like these:

He does charity work:


Roger in Ethiopia (picture from his facebook page)

He treats the ball kids with pizza:


picture from Roger’s facebook page

And, look, he has twins! What an overachiever.


Just. So. Cute. (Pictures from

Just how adorable is his manny days?


Again, just so cute… am I right?

Enough said. Right? And yet there’s so much more that can be said about Roger Federer. This diatribe barely does his fandom justice.

This week, though I have yet to see what his form is like for 2013 (as of the time I’m writing this), I so very look forward to watching him do his magic again in Melbourne. Surely, he will play beautiful tennis.  And, yes, I do mean to use the adjective. Beautiful. Tennis. I am positive that other fans will agree with me.


Allez Roger! Let’s Go! Aussie Open!


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