Skincare + Social Enterprise = Great!

Human Nature is a great local brand that is “Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment.” Currently, all their products use organic Filipino materials as ingredients for their products. They also employ people who are less fortunate as part of their livelihood project. Best of all, they use all environment-friendly products, down to their packaging.

The great thing about their skincare products is the fact that it is both effective and affordable. Since they try to be as natural as possible, they do not use a lot of chemical additives for color or scents, which is usually the culprit to a lot of allergies (sensitive skin rejoice!). With a lot of retail establishments, as well as a flagship store, it is easy to come by. You can also try their online shopping, since their shipping fee is very reasonable too!

Personally, I have used the products pictured above, as well as their shampoo (no photo, sorry), but my favorite is stil the lemongrass massage oil. Try it, and tell me about your experience!


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