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Back to the Future

The first month of the year is almost over. Have you looked back on 2012 and thought “ could have done muuuuch more.” or “What the heck happened?!”? Did you make resolutions at the starts of last year and completely forget about them? Is it possible that something spectacular or horrible happened last year but due to old age, alcohol, or lack of vitamins, you’re unable to remember the event in its entirety?

Rather than scribble down your goals and resolutions on a piece of paper, only to have it get lost in the deluge of work and other stuff on your desk, or keep an incredibly detailed diary (or blog) only to have it come bite you in the butt when someone accidentally finds it – Try sending your future self and email. There are quite a number of sites offering this service for FREE.


Based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails, allows you to send an email to your future self. Of all other the other sites, gives users the most customization options, especially if you are a registered user. (Don’t worry, registration is free!). You can send future emails to yourself, or to other people, these emails can be private or public, you can alter the delivery date, and you can delete your emails before the sending date if you suddenly decide against sending it (although the site does not allow you to change the content of the email). also has an option allowing you to make your letters “public but anonymous.” This means that your letter/email in its entirety, it will be included in the public letters section but without your name or email address (anonymous. duh.) Of course, it would be wise to leave out super specific and or sensitive personal information should you elect to submit your letter for public viewing.


If that’s too many bells and whistles for you and all you want to do is type down an email / reminder, set a date and hit send – Oh Life would be the better option.

GA Letter

For more goal and resolutions oriented emails to your future self – the folks over at General Assembly, a technology, business, and design education company and site put together their little system which includes a pre-written letter that can be customized by selecting from various drop-down menus (for the truly lazy or time-pressed, I guess.) as well as a box at the ends where you can write your other (non-tech/start-up/business/design) goals and reminders. However, the system is less flexible as to delivery date. All emails are sent 6 months into the future from date of sent.

Whichever service you choose, good luck with your resolutions and goals. We hope you have a productive and memorable 2013.


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