Keste’ Pizza & Vino

What NYC trip is complete without pizza? This time, my friend recommended Keste. Keste puts emphasis on the crust, and it was really good. You won’t find overloaded pizzas with confusing flavors (thank god!). As we were pretty hungry, we ordered 4 pizzas, each about the size of a large plate.

In the picture below was the Magherita, the Unknown Pizza and Prosciutto de Parma. It came out really hot and gooey, and yum! Perfect for the rainy weather that night!

Our waiter also recommended Keste’, which is topped with buffalo mozzarella. I have to say that I enjoyed listening to him say “mozzarella di bufala” with his Italian accent – believe me I am a sucker for things like this.

My good friend Nico also showed us the result of his good deeds – super shaped eyebrows. He said he was helping someone earn a bit of spot cash by allowing her to thread his eyebrows. Hahaha!

Again here is Nico with a card and gift from back home. I think he was touched. He did read aloud the card, but more on that in my post on Rocco’s.

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