Honeymooning in Bohol: Resort Hopping

P and I thought it would be fun to visit other resorts. Also, while the food at Ananyana was excellent, we wanted to try other restaurants, too. To get around the island, we rented a motorcycle (called a habal habal in the native dialect) for Php 500 for 24 hours You buy your own gas, but Php 200 gives you a full tank. Luckily, our resort guard had a buddy who was renting his habal habal out to tourists.

We visited Amorita, which is famous for its restaurant, Saffron (more on the food in the food entry). Amorita is much bigger than Ananyana and so didn’t have the quaint and cozy feel we loved in the latter. However, it has a fun vibrant atmosphere perfect for groups of friends or families. And the food was awesome.

The gates of Amorita. It looks more like a gated subdivision than a hotel.

The hotel’s infinity pool. You can see a bit of the restaurant and the rooms as well.

View of Alona Beach from Amorita.

Dusk at Amorita 🙂

We were also able to visit The Bohol Bee Farm. It’s famous for its food and organic veggies. And of course, it’s honey and honey-products. It also has a nice cliff side view. From what I’ve seen, it is more rustic than either Ananyana or Amorita. Kitchy and charming perhaps is the best description. We weren’t able to look around so much because we were hungry and were in a bit of a rush. I wouldn’t want to stay here though, for the sole reason that it’s too far from the beach 😀

The Bohol Bee Farm menu. The marlin is a must-try!

The view from the cliff upon which the Bee Farm is located.

Locally made ice cream. The chocolate was yummy, while the malunggay one was an acquired taste 🙂 The cone was made from cassava.


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