The Queens Kickshaw

On the first Sunday in NY, my sister and I decided to try The Queens Kickshaw for breakfast, which was a few minutes walk away from my sister’s apartment. This is a restaurant where comfort food and cheese are the focus.

I decided to try their tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich, which was perfectly executed. The tomato soup tasted fresh and had the appropriate level of “zing.” The grilled cheese sandwich used thick cut bread which was light and crisp, with cheese oozing out. I promptly demolish my meal.

I decided to get a cheese plate, which was served with pesto and bread. Forgot what type of cheese we got, but it would have been great if they toasted the bread and added a bowl of honey.

My sister chose mac & cheese with greens on the side. I sampled a few bites and it was rich and creamy, without being overpowering.

Overall, I found the place to be quite satisfactory, especially on a quiet Sunday morning. Perfect place for a relaxing breakfast, with nice, friendly people. The place is packed during dinner time, and a lot of people hang out for drinks and coffee.

The Queens Kickshaw – Astoria, Queens NY
40-17 Broadway Astoria, NY


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