About Us

This is where we unleash our likes, loves, opinions, crazy ideas, and bad taste in men upon the world, while saving you from boredom.

is a professional student who procrastinates by immersing herself in books (particularly those of the fantasy and young adult/children’s lit genre), food, animated films, and traveling. She practices law to pay her bills and earn money to buy more books and food.

G is an unknown quantity.

Like most of the writers of this site, Gellibelli was part of the big bad corporate world. Now working for “the Man,” and enjoying a more balanced life, she spends her time documenting her food adventures and experiments. And oh, she spends a lot of her time pandering to the needs of her cats.

Mysticempress has yet to send in her blub.

Pepper the Wallflower is a former columnist and a former corporate slave. She is also a perpetual sponge of pop culture and mainstream to alternative media. Her vices include potato chips, coffee and more than the occasional round of late night cocktails.

SB and the city has yet to send in her blurb. (But we love her anyway.)

Weekends is a government suit with too many hobbies and an undying love for words, lettering, and typefaces. She firmly believes that black matches everything, and that there is a proper way to build a sandwich.


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